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TBD Valentine's Day Edition!Our floral bear is 12 inches tall, covered in fresh, luxury roses, and is GUARANTEED to stop the show! Our TBD Floral Bear is also available in larger sizes in different hues for events and special occasions. Quantities are LIMITED!

(Delivering to Philadelphia and surrounding areas only)*Champagne not included in arrangement

TBD Scarlett Floral Bear



    • Do not use ice cold water, as it is best to use water at room temperature.
    • Special Flower Food is provided with your Hand-tied. This food contains nutrients that will prolong the vase life of your flowers. 
    • Cut the stems, on a 45 degree angle, with a sharp pair of scissors or knife. This is to remove a layer that has covered the tips of the flowers which make it harder for the flowers to drink the water.
    • Bacteria quickly formulates in the water; which is harmful to your flowers, so every other day pour away the old water, and use fresh clean water, being sure to clip the stem tips.